2018 Earth Science Week Celebration

Houston Museum of Natural Science
October 13, 2018

GCSSEPM and the North American Micropaleontological Society (NAMS) host a micropaleo station each year for the opening of Earth Science Week at HMNS. To quote our former Foundation Director Tony D’Agostino:

“This is our one big outreach effort to the general public, especially to the kids who are never exposed to this kind of geoscience. We have gotten strong positive feedback from the public and the museum folks since we started in 1999.”

The micropaleo team this year included Nancy Engelhardt-Moore, Moshen Kariminia, Khalifa Elderbak, Alicia Kahn, Rusty Hinote, and Dorene West. We had a prime spot, just outside the entrance to the Paleo Hall at the Museum of Natural Science where we had tables with microscopes and microfossils (current sand samples from beaches and cuttings from wells). Visitors were able to look through the microscopes and learn from world-class paleontologists (our members). The pictures of the kids, and their parents looking on, are worth a thousand words! We hope you enjoy them.