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Perkins Research Conference CDs

2012 New Understanding of the Petroleum Systems of Continental Margins of the World
2011 Attributes: New Views on Seismic Imaging—Their Use in Exploration and Production
2010 Seismic Imaging of Depositional and Geomorphic Systems
2009 Unconventional Energy Resources: Making the Unconventional Conventional
2008 Answering the Challenges of Production from Deep-Water Reservoirs: Analogues and Case Histories to Aid a New Generation
2007 The Paleogene of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Basins: Processes, Gulf Coast Basin, Events, and Petroleum Systems
2006 Reservoir Characterization: Integrating Technology and Business Practices
2005 Petroleum Systems of Divergent Continental Margin Basins
2004 Salt-Sediment Interactions and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity: Concepts, Applications, and Case Studies for the 21st Century
2003 Shelf Margin Deltas and Linked Down Slope Petroleum Systems: Global Significance and Future Exploration Potential
2002 Sequence Stratigraphic Models for Exploration and Production: Evolving Methodology, Emerging Models, and Application Histories
2001 Petroleum Systems of Deep-Water Basins: Global and Gulf of Mexico Experience
2000 Deep-Water Reservoirs of the World
1999 Advanced Reservoir Characterization for the 21st Century
1998 (No Proceedings this year)
1996 Stratigraphic Analysis Utilizing Advanced Geophysical, Wireline and Borehole Technology for Petroleum Exploration and Production
1994 Submarine Fans and Turbidite Systems: Sequence Stratigraphy, Reservoir Architecture and Production Characteristics, Gulf of Mexico and International
1993 Rates of Geologic Processes, Tectonics, Sedimentation, Eustasy and Climate—Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
1992 Mesozoic and Early Cenozoic Development of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Region: A Context for Hydrocarbon Exploration
1991 Coastal Depositional Systems in the Gulf of Mexico: Quaternary Framework and Environmental Issues

GCSSEPM Foundation Special Publications in Geology

No. 3 2008, Biostratigraphy and Chronostratigraphy of the Subsurface Cretaceous of the Gulf Coast Basin, Emphasizing the Woodbine-Tuscaloosa
No. 2 2003, Sequence Stratigraphy and Cyclostratigraphy of the Mesozoic of the Sierra Madre Oriental, Northeast Mexico.
No. 1 2003, Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Paleoecology, Texas and Mexico.

GCSSEPM Foundation and South Texas Geological Society Seminar

2003 Structure and Stratigraphy of South Texas and Northeast Mexico: Applications to Exploration.

Core Workshop

2002 Deep-Water Core Workshop, Northern Gulf of Mexico.

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