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38th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Perkins-Rosen Research Conference

The Cenomanian-Turonian Stratigraphic Interval Across the Americas: Argentina to Alaska 5-7 December 2022 | Houston, Texas

We are soliciting contributions for oral and poster presentations from individuals in academic, industry, and governmental organizations with experience in the structural, stratigraphic, oceanographic, climatic, and geochemical characteristics of Cenomanian-Turonian rocks or petroleum products from different locations across this wide-ranging geographic area. These foundational contributions will provide a basis for linking the underlying controls to the rock record, and ultimately the prospectivity of these basins. We intend that these contributions will lead to a more robust understanding of the fundamental mechanisms controlling the global deposition and variability of organic-rich rocks in this exceptional succession, and how this affects our understanding of the carbon cycle. Our goal is that the 38th Annual Perkins-Rosen Conference becomes known as a key milestone in achieving this understanding.

Preliminary program now available

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John Snedden
Receives the Doris Malkin Curtis Medal

John Snedden received the GCSSEPM’s highest honor, The Doris Malkin Curtis Medal, at the GeoGulf meeting in Austin for his longstanding contributions to Gulf Coast geology. The citation by current GCSSEPM President Michael Sweet read in part, “GCSSEPM is recognizing John for his contributions to the understanding of the depositional systems and extensive petroleum systems in the Gulf of Mexico Basin. John is the Director of the Gulf Basin Depositional Synthesis Project (GBDS) in the Institute for Geophysics at The University of Texas at Austin. In 2019, John and GBDS-founder Bill Galloway published “The Gulf of Mexico Sedimentary Basin”—a landmark volume that encapsulated decades of work by John, Bill, their students, and their colleagues at UT Austin.”

The rest of the citation can be found here

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