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Distinguished Service Awardees of GCSSEPM

No organization can survive without the efforts of its members. The Distinguished Service Award is given to those members who have given significantly of their time to support the activities of the Section or Foundation. The activities for which the following people have been recognized range from serving as technical chairman of more than one conference, to lengthy service as a section officer, to serving as our Web master.

Year Awardee
2018 J. Carl Fiduk
  Jon R. Rotzien
2017 Dorene West
2016 Bruce Hart
2015 Rick Beaubouef
2014 David T. King, Jr.
2012 Ramón H. Treviño
  Ron F. Waszczak
2011 None awarded
2010 Anthony E. D'Agostino
  Patricia Santogrossi
2009 None awarded
2008 Robert S. Nail
2007 Michael J. Styzen
2006 Lana Czerniakowski
  Paul J. Post
2005 Richard H. Fillon
2004 Arden D. Callender
2003 Nancy L. Engelhardt-Moore
2002 Michael J. Nault
2001 Paul Weimer
1999 Rashel N. Rosen
1998 Norman C. Rosen
1997 Bonnie R. Weise
1997 Edward B. Picou, Jr
1996 Denise M. Butler-Ford
1995 Arthur S. Waterman
1994 Nolan G. Shaw
1993 David T. Dockery, III
  C. Clarence Albers*
1992 Sheila C. Barnette
1991 Bob F. Perkins*
1989 Dennis Joseph Greig
  Thomas H. Fett
1988 Richard P. Zingula
  Michael J. Nault
* Indicates deceased members