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Our publications span a broad range of subject material relevant to workers within the Gulf Coast geologic community. These publications cover material on regional and petroleum geology of both the onshore and offshore provinces of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as select field trip guidebooks, standards of GOM chronostratigraphy and micropaleontology, and information about type localities of the Gulf Coast. The Proceedings of the Bob F. Perkins Research Conferences include papers from around the world dedicated to the focus issue of each conference.

NEW! You may now purchase individual papers from the Proceedings of the Bob F. Perkins Research Conferences. Click here for more details.

Our book publications may be ordered through our parent organization SEPM, or the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG). Before ordering, please note the following:

  1. Soft-bound books: You can send us an online order; however, we will forward these to the BEG or SEPM for processing.

  2. CDs and DVDs: We have a limited supply of these and will forward all orders to the BEG or SEPM for processing.

  3. Hard copies of our CD/DVD publications: These can be ordered only through Curran Associates, which now publishes hard-copy proceedings for approximately 200 professional societies.

  4. Orders from outside the United States: All orders will be processed by the BEG or the SEPM.