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Dorene West, Summer 2016

Dorene WestSummer is here. The industry is still cooling down. Since this is graduation season, I would like to share some remarks from a graduation speech. Naval Admiral William H. McRaven had some advice for the class of 2014 which is pertinent; I will paraphrase but a video of his enlightening speech can be seen on YouTube (


So on that note, if you have been a victim of the current downturn, please take advantage of this free time to volunteer with your professional societies and build your network (i.e., friends, colleagues, and good will of strangers).

The 66th Annual Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Convention and Gulf Coast Section SEPM will be hosted by the Corpus Christi Geological Society September 18-20. GCAGS is organized almost entirely by volunteers (quoted from Ursula Hammes). We need volunteers to judge talks and posters, GCSSEPM needs volunteers to man our booth, and you will have an opportunity to reconnect with old friends, meet new professional contacts, and learn from the presentations. The meeting theme is "Explore the Future: Looking Back, Thinking Forward . . ." Please check for updated technical topics, short courses, and field trips.

This year our 35th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Perkins-Rosen Research Conference will be held at the Marathon Conference Center in Houston on December 8-9. The topic will be "Mesozoic of the Gulf Rim and Beyond: New Progress in Science and Exploration of the Gulf of Mexico Basin." The co-chairs are John Snedden, Mike Blum, and Chris Lowrey. The research conference is like an immersion course; in just 2 days, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the Mesozoic potential of the Gulf, as well as insight into the major points of contention and who (which companies) are the most knowledgeable explorationists in these plays. Attendees will also receive a digital version of extended abstracts, which will be an invaluable reference tool. The research conference is the one meeting I try to attend each year, it really does give you the most bang for your bucks.

Have a great summer everyone, please vote in the coming GCSSEPM elections, and we hope to see you at GCAGS and/or the Perkins-Rosen Research Conference.

Dorene West