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Corporate Licensing of Digital Products

Electronic publishing brings many benefits to the publisher and the reader. For the publisher, it means a marked reduction in reproduction costs, the ability to present color images in formats larger than page size at no extra cost, and the means to publish books and periodicals in limited runs that would be completely uneconomic if done in hard copy.

For readers and authors, it means an elimination of page charges for oversized or color illustrations, a wider diversity of publications, higher-quality and more varied illustrations, stabilization in the purchase price, and the ability to store more in less space.

The GCSSEPM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, and a considerable part of our income is from publication sales. While it is convenient for organizations to place electronic media on central servers, doing so reduces our potential sales and impacts our ability to offer new publications and meetings. Therefore, we request that corporations and organizations pay a license fee based on the likely number of staff who use the CD/DVD/flash drive, now and in the future, while the CD/DVD/flash drive is on the server. Please note that does not necessarily mean total number of employees in the company.

Our licensing fee system allows a 30% discount off the regular list price of the CD/DVD/flash drive.

Our electronic copies have been standardized in price:

(Expected number of users) List Price X 0.70

Using the 70% factor means that the average cost is lower than if all CDs/DVDs/flash drives were purchased individually. License categories are as follows:

Number of Users License Fee
10 or less
More than 100
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Contact us regarding a corporate license at 281-646-1660 or Checks should be made payable to the GCSSEPM Foundation, and sent to:

20746 Prince Creek Drive
Katy, TX 77450